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We are a private training facility located in Alamo Heights focused on fundamentally sound training principles.

No hype. No nonsense. Just results.

What Can We Do For You?

Revolution Sport & Fitness was not created by a coach, guru, or drill sergeant, but an exercise physiologist with a master’s degree and 25 years of experience working with a wide range of clients, from newbies to elite and world class athletes. We’re focused on science and basic, fundamentally sound training principles, not trends. It’s a philosophy shared by our entire team and shapes the foundation of our facility and our programming.

No matter who you are, or where you’re coming from, we can make you better.

Our Services

Private Personal Training

There’s no better, more efficient way to help you reach your goals than enlisting the help of an experienced, professional trainer. Each one-on-one session is programmed with your specific needs and goals in mind. This individualized approach affords you and the trainer the opportunity to constantly dialogue and fine-tune your program.  

Whether your goal is fat loss, performance, or to simply improve your general health, your time is best spent with one of our expert trainers who are available whenever you need them. 

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60-minute session - $85  

30-minute session - $45  

By Appointment Only

Semi-Private Membership

Semi-Private Training is simply four people sharing the cost of a personal trainer. This training membership delivers the best results by customizing the training session to your individual goals and fitness level. Each Semi-Private Training session will also include corrective exercises, mobility work, strength training and muscle toning, as well as an interval protocol to help you burn fat and get in to the best shape of your life. 

In a group this small the programming can still remain highly specific, while encompassing the energy and dynamics of group training.


5 sessions per month - $209

2 sessions per week - $249

The KINSTRETCH system is one born out of scientific research. All of the movements and training techniques have been selected based on a meticulous and rigorous investigation of evidence, conducted by physical conditioning and medical experts, as it pertains to body control, injury prevention, joint health, and physical longevity.

Unlike many training systems, KINSTRETCH practice is complete with a self-assessment system allowing you the ability to monitor your own body for dysfunction that may be causing pain, loss of performance, or that may be putting you at an increased chance of injury.

All certified KINSTRETCH Instructors are also certified in Functional Range Conditioning (FRC)® making them extremely knowledgeable in human movement, biomechanics, and body control development. That means that your KINSTRETCH instructor is highly trained in spotting, and correcting dysfunctions in your body as you practice.

We are the only gym in Texas to have 100% of our trainers certified in FRC® and KINSTRETCH!


60-minute session - $125

Into all our training we integrate inBody Body Composition Technology

We believe in scentific evidence-based approach in decision making when it comes to the personalized programming of our clientele, and have invested in a platform to ensure results. 

With every Personal and Semi-Private training package you will recieve a easy painless 45-second scan every 30 days to track your progress and keep our programming on track to acheive your specific goal in mind - beit weight loss, muscle gain, or general longevity. 

Here's the kicker - 


Usually inBody and DEXA scans alike would run you $50, $75, and even sometimes $100 per scan, we are offering it as an amenity to our Personal Training clients as we want you get the most out of your experience with us. We will keep your records month to month and create material to show your progress as you rock it. Minimum requirement of one personal training hour per week.

As a partner with Precision Nutrition, we utilize the same software program they have used to change the lives of thousands of participants. 

Watch this PN video which shows some of the lives that have transformed during their year of coaching.

This twelve month platform allows you to develop skills, through practice, that can transform your body and your life. For those with full schedules, you can fit your coaching in anytime that suits your day. Program lessons and workshops are delivered daily via your private account. Your coach will assess your answers and provide feedback regularly.  

  • Accountability
  • Schedule time convenient for you 
  • Practice building skills to succeed
  • Coaching for your individual situation

It’s not necessary for you to live locally and become a client of our facility to participate in this program.  

See exactly how Precision Nutrition Coaching works. Every day, through our online coaching platform, you’ll get a lesson, and a habit to practice. You’ll get regular feedback from your coach, and you can reach out to him directly, anytime. Watch the video to see how the program works.

Coaching for Men

Coaching for Women

How much will it cost? 

The general public price of the coaching program is $179 USD month-to-month. You have the opportunity to get it for a one-time payment of $1499 USD or $149 USD per month on a 12-month contract — a savings of up to 20% off the general public price. You’ll get the best personal nutrition coaching by a nutritionist and health coach — with daily practices, lessons — for about $3 a day. You’ll finally get the body you want, and you’ll have the skills, tools, and habits to make your results last a lifetime.

The Precision Nutrition Guarantee We want to give you the chance to try the Precision Nutrition System risk-free. The Precision Nutrition System is 100% guaranteed. You have 45 days to review all the material, and if for whatever reason it's not for you, we'll give you your money back. It's that simple.

What Our Clients Say

"Revolution Sport & Fitness is an awesome place to be. For me, it's like a second home and it's a very inspirational place to be. Steve and his trainers have played an integral role in helping me gain strength both physically and mentally. After an accident years ago, I've had goals that have been very difficult to achieve on my own. I couldn't imagine getting this far without them and I would recommend this gym to anyone."

-Rose Merrell 

"The #1 best gym in San Antonio! Steve and crew are top notch human performance specialists who have the experience, knowledge and tools to take your training to optimum levels! I've lost 65+ pounds since I moved from a local big-box gym to Revolution. I'm leaner, stronger and faster thanks to the professionals at Revolution! Thanks a bunch guys!"

-Ray Luna

"I have been a part of Steve's group training classes since May of 2014 and have enjoyed expanding my fitness journey! Steve continues to challenge me physically every week and teaches me new things about my fitness, health, and eating habits that have expanded my knowledge and shrunken my waist line! I am constantly telling him how hard the workouts are and I am always coming back for more! I highly recommend his small group classes if you are looking to challenge yourself physically in new ways."

-Analise P

"After years of being stuck on the hamster wheel of weight loss and fitness I FINALLY found Revolution. Steve Bubel is extremely knowledgable and applies that towards your total well-being. I started working out with Steve over 4 years ago. I lost weight with Steve and have successfully kept it off. Bonus, the gym continues to evolve and get better. If you have aches and pains Revolution will get to the core of the problem and help you feel better. If you want to get in shape Revolution is the gym for you. If your are a professional athlete Revolution will help with all aspects of your health and training. Stop thinking about and just go do it."

-Allison H

We are located in the heart of Alamo Heights at 6011 Broadway, just steps away from the best coffee house in the city, a full service bike shop, and a neighborhood running store.